Thursday, August 14, 2008


Mopeds in the back of my truck
  • Puch Magnum MKII - Big 50cc
  • Puch Maxi - 65cc Metra
  • Puch Maxi - Weird 50cc Puch cylinder
  • JC Penny Swinger1 - 64cc Polini
  • Vespa Bravo - 13:13 - To be sold
  • Vespa Bravo - To be sold
Parts in my truck
  • Puch Snowflakes
  • Racks, bars, rails and pedals
  • 3 e50 cases
  • 1 and 3/4 e50 internals
  • 5 or so puch cylinders and some pistons
  • A few small carbs
  • Ninja G3 for motobecane
  • Ported AV7 with Vairoplus and 15:15
I spent half the day packing my truck and cleaning my garage out. I am leaving about 2/3 of my tools in storage. Some day I'll have a garage again. For now, let us drive this giant rig across the country for the love of mopeds.

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